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I call them on a car that they had and was told that it was still i told the i wanted it.and would be there to pick it up the next day that was at 6pm on i drove 3 hrs south to get this car to only find out that they sold it at 2pm the day i the showed me anouther car and said they would sell it to me well we couldnt drive it because the chip in the key was messed up.they said call us tomorrow and we wil get this 3 hr drive back home.called them the next day car is fixed.Good ok now for the price they want 8900 for now you would think that after all the B/S they would give me a good deal.nope wouldnt even come down on the price.You would think they would do better at tryen to help the buyer and the i was even payen cash.told them 6500 out the door they said no 8900 plus t.t.l.

So watch who u buy from.

Review about: Volkswagen Jetta.

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